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Exchange Solutions - FX as a Service

Get a remarkable digital journey integrating with our APIs that contains all steps to obtain exchange operations such as customer onboarding, financial settlement, Brazilian Central bank registration covering all the local bureaucracy involved in the process.

International Trade

  • Make payments of import operations
  • Receive payments of export operations
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International Transfers

  • Receive money from abroad to Brazil
  • Send money from Brazil to abroad
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Thinking about all business models, Bexs provides a solution for PSPs and Brazilian marketplaces that allows them to remit payments outside the country, in any currency.

eFX Marketplaces and Service Providers

Pay your foreign merchants and partners in a fast and secure manner by controlling the financial flows via API. The operations of your business are protected against the exchange variation, and the settlement date varies according to your preference.

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Payments Solutions

Ebury Bank multifunctional payment and exchange platform boosts several international digital businesses to reach over 200 million Brazilians.


  • Cross-border payment processing in Brasil
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  • Payments from abroad to Brazil by Pix
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No, it is not. It is highly recommended to initiate the tests and development before that using the sandbox credentials that our integration team provided, however, the contract has to be signed once the operations are running in the production environment.

The APIs use REST with request and response payloads formatted as JSON. Authorization method: OAUTH2.