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At Ebury, we offer one-stop solutions and services to empower businesses to trade internationally. Make payments to overseas entities or receive payments for your exports by counting on our dedicated team, which provides comprehensive assistance from initiation to completion.

Rely on our expertise for seamless FX solutions, including risk management: protect your business from exchange rate fluctuations with tailored risk-management solutions in more than 60 currencies and optimise your margins.

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Ebury enables your company in facilitating payments (pay or receive) related to FX transactions tied to imports and exports. We leverage decades of expertise in Brazilian and global FX regulations, delivering optimal solutions tailored to elevate your business in the international trade scenario.




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Does FX volatility impact your export or import business?

Count on Ebury Bank's team of experts and discover how to better manage and minimize the risks of currency exposure, learn about our Currency Hedge solutions.

Count on our team of experts

Onboarding, FX Settlement and Contract

The first step for settling an FX operation is to onboard your company, which involves information gathering, client assessment, compliance, and account setup.

In the second step, we listen to your business needs and provide recommendations and precise information to guarantee informed decisions on your FX operation. Whether for import operations or export operations, we look for a strategy that suits your aims.

Count on our team of experts
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Câmbio comercial:
confira a documentação necessária


    Pagamento de importação antecipado

  • adaptado

    Fatura Proforma

  • adaptado

    Data de Embarque

    Pagamento de importação embarcada

  • adaptado


  • adaptado

    Conhecimento de Embarque original assinado

    Pagamento de importação já recebida em solo brasileiro

  • adaptado


  • adaptado

    Declaração de Importação (DI)

  • adaptado

    Protocolo da DI


    Recebimento antecipado

  • adaptado

    Fatura Proforma

  • adaptado

    Data de Embarque

    Recebimento por exportação embarcada

  • adaptado

    Fatura Proforma

  • adaptado

    Conhecimento de Embarque

  • adaptado

    Declaração Única de Exportação (DUE)

Settlement and Contract

With the required documentation in order and the FX contract digitally signed, concluding the transaction becomes feasible.

For imports, once the operation is recorded in our system, the payment in reais (BRL) is to be remitted to Ebury Bank within the stipulated deadline. In the case of exports, upon receiving the payment instruction in foreign currency and duly recording the operation, Ebury Bank carries out a wire transfer to the company's account.

Why choose Ebury Bank?

Ebury Bank offers FX payment solutions for export and import, with the security and solidity of a financial institution with decades of experience, combining the keen eye of a digital bank with expertise in FX regulation.

We connect Brazil and the world, enabling payments in over 130 currencies. Our experts are ready to find the best solutions for your company, offering personalized risk management services and online capabilities to your business. Count on Ebury Bank to accelerate your company's business!

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